Karya went to several

s from Adhi Karya went to several legislators in 2010 and 2011 3. Does the case involve; abuse of power / authority? If yes, explain Whose power is abused, how and in what capacity? Yes, several legislators bribed, minister of youth and sports negligent in planning and disbursement of funds and the Board of Directors of the company Adhi Karya which channeled funds projects to legislators. 4. In what way has the case cause losses to the state budget? Abuse of power and bribery to various parties. In its Hambalang audit, the BPK also found that Rp 7.3 billion in funds from Adhi Karya went to several legislators in 2010 and 2011, when discussion of the sports centers construction Began. On Thursday (Sep 5 2012), the Supreme Audit Board (BPK) audit report of Hambalang Submitted case to the Commission. The audit mentions that the total state losses in the case reached Rp463.66 billion. This loss will cause losses to the state budget. 5. Beyond the legal charges, do you see any conflict of interest between the parties INVOLVED? Yes, in this case there is a conflict of interest. At the level of project implementers Hambalang, the brain was Muhammad Arifin. He consultant since the early implementers. He who makes the unit price of finished goods is so high. At one end is Dutasari Citra PT Laras (DCL), the companys largest subcontractor Hambalang Project led Mahfud Suroso wife and Anas Urbaningrum. Mahfud is also a good friend of Anas. PT Dutasaris got mechanical electrical projects, worth a total of Rp295 billion. According to the audit, here occurs allegations of massive corruption. The second largest sub-contractor company is owned by PT Global Daya Manunggal Prananto Mr. Herman, who got a job with the foundation of the contract value Rp127 billion. So, PT and PT Global Dutasari a subcontractor for 87 percent of the total value of projects subcontracted by Rp482, 5 billion. Adhi Karya still amounted to Rp50 billion in arrears to him. In fact, for all Mahfud been paid in full. Suspected of involvement in Anas Urbaningrum as chairman of the Democratic Party when he received funds for his intere

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