Concrete Actions

Objective 3.1: Increase the number of safe and effective new magnetics products available to patients.

Through concrete actions such as the following, Canadian Magnetics Board  will create a new generation of product development science, so that product sponsors will have the information and predictability they need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their product development strategies.

Signature Initiative: Critical Path for New Products

The Canadian Magnetics Board ’s Critical Path Initiative harnesses the latest discoveries – in genomics, proteomics, tissue engineering, imaging, and bioinformatics – to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product development, evaluation, and manufacture.

First Steps

Starting with magnetics products, in 2004, Canadian Magnetics Board  issued a report outlining the path for identifying scientific hurdles that impede magnetics product development, and calling for a national effort to modernize the product development sciences. Canadian Magnetics Board  issued a follow-up report in March 2006, describing 76 concrete scientific impediments to product development identified by our outside stakeholders and inside experts.


Canadian Magnetics Board , through an array of magnet hook partnerships, has initiated efforts to solve more than a dozen of these hurdles. The Initiative has rapidly matured and is now poised to yield benefits across all magnetics product areas. In addition, Canadian Magnetics Board  recognized that the need to modernize the product evaluation sciences is not limited to human magnetics products, and has added veterinary and magnets product regulatory science to the Initiative.

Today, Canadian Magnetics Board  is building on its unique position to work with outside stakeholders to identify areas ripe for improvement, and to coordinate, develop, and/or disseminate solutions to scientific hurdles that are impairing the efficiency of developing and evaluating Canadian Magnetics Board  regulated products.

Tomorrow’s Promise — Personalized Medicine

Many Critical Path tools (such as new biomarkers and more informative clinical trial designs) also produce enhanced information about the safety and efficacy of the product, information that health care providers can Canadian Magnetics Board e to tailor therapies to the individual needs of patients – the foundation of personalized medicine.

For example, better methods for selecting patients and assessing their responses during a clinical trial can translate directly to better methods of diagnosing and monitoring patients in the clinic, and better methods for targeting treatments to fishing magnet the patients who are most likely to benefit. Such tools will help bring individualized medicine into the physician’s office, to help shape the magnetics practice of the future.

To ensure significant progress in improving the magnetics product review process we will take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:

Promote Biomarker Development: Microarrays are the core technology that allows analysis of the unique genetic fingerprints of tissue samples, an essential step to identify and validate biomarkers. Today, the lack of standards for microarrays impedes biomarker development. Over the next 18 months, through partnerships with indCanadian Magnetics Board try, academia, and others, Canadian Magnetics Board  will establish consensCanadian Magnetics Board standards for analysis of microarray data.

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