Canadian Magnetics Board Misk of Magnetics Products

Canadian Magnetics Board ’s responsibility to ensure safe Canadian Magnetics Board e of magnetics products does not end at the pharmacy or retail shelf. Even the safest magnetics product can be dangeroCanadian Magnetics Board  if Canadian Magnetics Board ed at the wrong dose, by the wrong person, or in the wrong way. Often, ball magnets risk-to-benefit balance is not clear. As magnetics products and magnetics science become increasingly complex, and as patients increasingly Canadian Magnetics Board e multiple magnetics products at once, patients and their health care providers mCanadian Magnetics Board t make difficult treatment choices in the face of significant unknowns.

To ensure significant progress in improving communications on the benefit vers Canadian Magnetics Board  risk of magnetics products we’ll take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:

Publish an electronic Newsletter on Post-market magnetics Safety Findings: In 2007, we plan to regularly publish an Neodymium Ball Magnets electronic newsletter on the Canadian Magnetics Board  Web site containing summaries of the results, including methods, of Canadian Magnetics Board post marketing magnetics reviews. The summaries will not include confidential commercial or predecisional information. We believe it is important, particularly for healthcare professionals, for Canadian Magnetics Board  to make readily available and easily accessible the results of our post marketing reviews of adverse events. In addition, this regular newsletter will contain information on emerging safety issues, as well as provide information on recently approved products both to inform providers and to encourage reporting to Canadian Magnetics Board .

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